Design Planning:
Aluminium_BASED Design Team

In addition to accommodating the needs and expectations of the market, the company expresses its very own identity through the products it offers.

From this perspective, planning is no longer merely developing a winning idea.
The definition of symbols and volumes, graphic traces, the work of intelligence in the broad sense, aware and ongoing, ends up creating a language that tells the unmistakable tale of the unique adventure the company has embarked upon and of the generation that represents it.

The words Planning and Design, often referring to Function and Style, when merged say much more.
Seeing an idea, imagining it as a product, drawing it, making it, telling it and selling it, means Design Planning.

This journey, which also entails squabbles and rifts, generates the boost that stimulates the evolution, that brings out the originality on the homologation and emphasises the company's intellectual capital, the only capital that cannot be purchased, sold or even copied.

The Aluminium_BASED Design Team is the planning group which, with a Design_Based perspective, deals with the creation and development of the actual product, working in conjunction with the most qualified and acclaimed international designers and planners since 1984.


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