The company

40 years of innovation

Driven, since its creation in 1974, by a strong culture of design and innovation, Erreti has been able to surround itself with a vast network of partners becoming leader in design and manufacture of accessories for aluminum doors and windows. Our products must respond to the market by looking at our objectives: DESIGN, INNOVATION, QUALITY, CUSTOMIZATION. Erreti products allow professionals and customers having chosen to use aluminum window frames to have the best in terms of quality. For them, Erreti optimizes and simplifies installation, customization, use (safety, comfort, fluidity of movement, duration …) and maintenance.

In close collaboration with its professional clients (extruders, industrials, carpenters …), Erreti works every day to develop products that can strengthen the satisfaction of its customers. Thanks to the most complete range of the market and to the concept of customization, Erreti meets all the needs and expectations of the market players.


The most important innovations:

  • MIA, the first product to introduce the concept “Easy and Quick to install”.
  • RINOVA, innovative tilt and turn system with exclusive snap hooking of the accessories on the rods.
  • RASATA, the revolutionary baseless window handle.
  • EXA, design system for rails and handrails of design completely environmentally friendly.

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Sotralu Group

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In 2012, the entry in Sotralu group allowed Erreti to expand its range, providing accessories for all types of aluminum window and door frames. Erreti has thus extended the concept of design and functionality also on new markets.

Firmly believing in the European industrial competitiveness, Sotralu group combines and creates synergies between the competences of Southern Europe in the design and production of accessories for aluminum doors and windows, in the aim of strengthening its position in Europe and continuing its growth in the main export markets (China, India, Middle East, etc.). Erreti, GNS and Sotralu share all the widely recognized skills in the production of accessories for aluminum doors and windows, each one has an experience between 40 and 50 years and a vibrant culture of innovation. The close correspondence between their ranges and markets generates commercial and industrial synergies providing solutions to all the needs of their customers and potential customers.