Innovation, at the core of Sotralu Group’s DNA

Investing 7% of its turnover in Research & Development every year, Sotralu Group has allowed the creation of numerous innovative products, which have repeatedly determined a step forward in the market.

These innovations led to having over 30 patents. Sotralu Group becomes a point of reference and invents the philosophy “UNIQUE DESIGN FOR ALL THE OPENINGS” that for the first time uses a perfect aesthetic coherence between the handles used on the different types of opening (door, window, sliding) inside the same environment.


Quality, achieve and maintain the excellence

The excellence of Sotralu Group products and solutions depends on the company’s ability to offer its employees a culture where everyone can contribute to the continuous improvement of quality. This organization makes it possible every day to check the quality of the processes, from design to manufacturing (solidity, durability and resistance), of all the products coming out of the production departments. The objective is to guarantee customers products that are fully compliant with their demands for today and tomorrow.

This request for excellence allows Sotralu Group to respond to TQM (Total Quality Management) requirements and reaching a service level of over 99%: Quality / Costs / Lead Time.


The customer relationship, the other measure of quality

The idea we have of our products is based on customer satisfaction.

Source of inspiration for Sotralu Group innovations and creativity, the needs of the customer are integrated and analyzed so that the teams can invent, fabricate and market 100% customized responses.

The introduction of a sole interlocutor exclusively for this purpose guarantees a real-time view of each phase of the order.


Transparency, a clear and readable relationship

For its customers, industrial or, more generally, for all its direct and indirect customers, Sotralu claims total transparency regarding the commercial rules put in place on the market.

It is from this aethic of the relationship borns the trust and loyalty of the Sotralu Group partner customers. And it is for them that Sotralu Group never loses sight of the satisfaction of the final customer.